An Evolved Formulation

EndoCell, a one of a kind supplement formulated by Can-Tek Labs, is the next evolutionary step as the most advanced nutraceutical on the market today. The formulation was advanced to a new plateau in a joint venture with BioMax bio-technologies. Utilizing a patented process to “program” the contents using Radio Frequency Programming (RFP), BioMax launched EndoCells absorption rates by increasing the ability for the body to intake more of the desired nutrients.

Before the addition of CBD and the BioMax Radio Frequency Programming to the EndoCell capsule, Moringa already has an amazing nutritional profile. It is a great source of vitamins A and C, protein and important minerals like potassium and calcium.

According to scientific data, when taken gram for gram, this nutritional powerhouse contains:

  • Three times the amount of potassium found in bananas.
  • Twice as much protein as yogurt.
  • Four times as much Vitamin A found in carrots.
  • Four times as much calcium as you get from cow’s milk.
  • An incredible seven times more vitamin C than oranges.
  • Moringa is also full of natural antioxidants, various flavonoids, phenolic acids and isothiocyanates. As well as its antioxidant content, it also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • This amazing nutritional profile as well as its medicinal compounds makes Moringa one of the most beneficial supplements you could take on a daily basis.

The Power of EndoCell

Organically derived nutrients.

10mg Hemp derived CBD per serving.

Protein rich Moringa Powder.

Ionized trace minerals.

Organically derived nutrients.

Maximum bioavailability.

100% THC free.

3rd Party Lab tested.

Produced in a FDA inspected GMP Facility.

The Endocannabinoid System